I honestly feel that most of the rules are alright

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Posted April 4,2021 in Gaming.

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I honestly feel that most of the rules are alright

I agree about adding dialogue in Animal Crossing Bells low effort post ban. I am very tired of all the gravy licking posts.

posts. These are becoming more common and they are getting so dull.

I honestly feel that most of the rules are alright, but I have a few suggestions. Allow me to start this off by saying my reddit account might not have been established a long time ago, but lurked this sub without an accounts since like october. I think that reposts are kind of a Issue here, but I understand on a few subreddits like repostsleuthbot automatically checks ifI believe you guys should follow other subreddits' illustrations and do daily/weekly tacky posts on particular subjects. For example the WoW subreddit does a monday ribbon for game questions, a brag thread, etc. even the unresolved mysteries subreddit does this with a meta monday and material.

So that you guys could perform a memorial thread one afternoon a week, a fashionista thread the following day a week, a'look what I got' afternoon, and a edited screenshot day. Usually bots/auto-moderators can be installed to do this automatically if a mod does not wish to do it themselves. Maintaining the threads on a bicycle and removing/posting/stickying new ones will ensure they stay clean and people continue to Cheap Animal Crossing Items make use of them.

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