Their Best-selling 2k21 had boundless demo time

Their Best-selling 2k21 had boundless demo time

Posted September 9,2020 in Other.

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Their Best-selling 2k21 had boundless demo time

For real. Noone wants to NBA 2K21 MT Coins put 35 gigs on something they are only gonna utilize for a little and then re install. They wanna give you a lil small taste. Mainly so individuals who want to play 2k but don't wish to purchase it, don't sit there and play the 3 all time teams over and over.

Bro trust me no one is doing that, it a far better experience to pick up last years match for next to nothing and upgrade rosters, I feel like the reason they did this is indeed less ppl encounter glitches.

As someone who moved from 2k19 into 2k20 only a week, the collision detection is far better. Players dont clip into each other quite as much anymore. There are a couple items that never got fixed, such as the hair respawning constantly during cutscenes and hair physics that disappear on arbitrary cheer leaders.

As someone who played with 2k20 vividly, players clip each other non stop. The thing that I find about 2k20 is that the clipping is insignificant. Peoples arms may clip into someone's chest while covering, but nothing compared to 2k19 at which you could knock the ball from a person's hand while they're dunking by pushing your hands directly through their face at the ball. I just got a sneak in my career this morning by clipping through somebody's knee to smack the ball. I have definitely been obstructed via the back of my players head opting for dunks too.

Their Best-selling 2k21 had boundless demo time

Honestly, who cares if they do? The sort of person who's gonna do this was never going to spend full retail cost on the game . How is this thought even being circulated around this particular sub? Because that is just what I did with games I didn't want to purchase. Congrats. Still not the motive. Then what do you believe the reason is? Could not tell you. Their best selling 2ks had unlimited demo time so its just not your concept. Perhaps they would like to keep it timed to shroud just how shitty their game is. Not sure.

Its because they do not want you experiencing over and above how garbage it's. Have we reached the generation that never installed demo games from PC magazines? Only ones I have ran into with limits is 2k this new generation. I've played a ton of Xbox a single demos and have not ran into any one of these using a buy 2K21 MT limitation apart from 2k. I understand EA provides you 8 hours sure but they give you the full game for 8 hours.

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