RuneScape moving to upgrades

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Posted August 8,2020 in Gaming.

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RuneScape moving to upgrades

Yep lots of RS3 gold steam games have their own launchers but from what I've seen updates are still handled by them via steam instead of through the launcher. Which means every week they'd be pushing updates via steam in addition to through Apple, android and the present desktop client.

Valve and ohh would like you to add steam wallet instead even in web link stores. And any in RuneScape game purchases need to be secured so that a player accessing through steam can only pay via steam. They want their money, you can't blame them but it is filled with negatives from the perspective of jagex. You also have the upgrade procedure generally, I don't know what kind of lead time steam want with updates being pushed and if this will work with how frequently RS is upgraded. Many, many mmos have their very own launcher, and the launcher is only updated by steam updates. FF14 comes to mind as a case. The launcher is kept by steam up to date, the launcher patches RuneScape, entirely outside of steam.

How do you know this? Certainly you must not be so delusional to think that your armchair understanding is superior to Jagex, a company with hundreds of workers who would have considered the possibility of launching on Steam + done a comprehensive cost-profit analysis.This is a business that's gaining record profits while having a dwindling player foundation (RS3). Being a company does not mean that you're unexpectedly god when it comes to those choices. They didn't even consider OSRS that was be a success, and until players began whining and petitioning about it.

I guess that they must've just not understood how popular it was even though people were begging for it because the launch of EoC. Surethey do not necessarily know. My point isn't Jagex is all-knowing and could be relied on to consistently make the right decisions, that. It's without contemplating the entire picture, that a great deal of players make suggestions.

RuneScape moving to upgrades

Obviously the majority of the comments will be"have not they done that" but lets really have a discussion. They're officially changing the expectation from each Monday having something to it really only being once a month. Seems as though they are going for the end of the month for a release point for all of their upgrades. They've done this previously, but its nice to know that updates are coming in the end of the month and they use the month to build hype for that update, sort of like the way they declared Desperate cheap RuneScape gold Measures 20 days ahead of its release.

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