Making The Best Healer Build in the New World

Making The Best Healer Build in the New World

Posted January 1,2022 in Gaming.

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Making The Best Healer Build in the New World

Because there are no classes in New World like in other RPGs, players must create their characters based on their intended role. In comparison to other professions, healing is a lot simpler in New World. A single Attribute Point is required to use the Life Staff, which is the only healing weapon. It is possible to mix and match the Mastery Points needed to complete the build based on the character's individual build, however some are more crucial than others. If you are looking to buy cheap New World gold, aoeah is great store. 

In the New World, the position of a healer is one of the more limited ones, although that can be a positive thing for those who like a simpler game. Those that specialize in healing in New World can do so in a variety of ways, both physical and magical.

Allocation of Mastery Points
In the Healing Staff Mastery Tree, the majority of the skills are focused on PvP Depending on the specific ability the player is utilizing at the time, the staff can either heal or hurt the enemy. The possible builds for PvE and PvP are very similar, although there are crucial variances. The following are the most critical skills for every build to focus on. Check How To Get The Best New World Gear Perks.

Healing \sAbsolved. The Life Staff no longer consumes mana when used for light and heavy attacks.
Blessed. Sacred Ground's healing power is increased by 50%.
Speed of Desperation. After a Staff heals an ally below 50% health, the cooldown on the Staff's healing abilities is shortened by 10%.
Blessings from above. An ally's healing is increased by 30% when their health is reduced to 50% or lower by your healing.
Sacred Ground. In Sacred Ground, health and stamina are replenished by 50%.
Intensify. The next three healing spells are each 10 percent more powerful if you are hit hard. For PvE, this effect can be used up to three times.
This land is sacred. AoE spell that restores stamina and hit points in a 3-meter cone around the caster. PvE builds can go without it, but a PvP one absolutely must.
Protector \sBeacon. A powerful light beam that may both injure and heal friends.
Toss the Light. After a successful dodge, a 20% boost to healing abilities is granted for five seconds. Both PvP and PvE builds will benefit from this piece of equipment.
Reflective. Beacon's AoE is now 50% bigger. However, for players who are healing in large-scale combat this is essential.
Embraced by the Light. Initially, the target is healed up to 80%, then 30% more for each additional buff they have.
The Blessing of Radiance. In the end, this can mean the difference between a team winning and losing.
We are one in spirit. It helps DPS casters as well as the rest of the group with their mana regeneration.

Making A Staff For The Rest Of Your Life
If you don't want to wait for a drop or a reward from a quest, you can create a healing staff in the Arcane Repository. Crafting gauntlets, tinctures, and potions are all available at this location.

For the sake of the healing potions and other useful goods that healers can make by improving their Arcana crafting skill, it is highly suggested that they do so. Players can also get an additional bonus to an existing special ability by crafting a staff that has an additional perk such as Refreshing Divine Embrace.

A rudimentary healing staff can be made using iron ingots, leather, and Life Motes, even by players with the lowest skill levels. Harvesting, a talent in the New World that requires the use of a sickle, is the only way to obtain Life Motes from a plant called Lifebloom. More sophisticated life staffs necessitate more expensive and rare resources, some of which can only be found on expeditions or dropped by the most powerful adversaries in battle.

It's a build for a pure healer.
It's rare for a player to declare that a healing class is the easiest to develop a character for in the game. The Life Staff's dual role as a weapon and a healer simplifies the design of equipment and abilities by allowing the user to focus the majority of their Attribute points. Adding a Void Gauntlet to this build for additional damage is a new option because this is the only other weapon that relies on the Focus Attribute.

Perhaps one for PvE and one for PvP warfare can be carried by this character's healing staves. Another benefit of this construct is that it has no restrictions on how much armor it can carry. PvP "Healadin" builds can be made with a pure healing build that can wear full plate and stay close to the action to heal the melee combatants. The only other attribute these healers need to care about is Consitution for the additional hit points.

Assists in Healing and Magic Damage
For magical damage, the New World has a number of options, and the DPS/healing magic user is a popular construct. This may be used in a group setting or on your own, and there are a plethora of options for mixing and matching some fantastic stuff. ​​​​​​​

Alternatively, a character can carry a Life Staff with a Frost or Void Gauntlet, or a Fire Staff with a Life Gauntlet. An amazing image of a Priest or Shaman build is created when the weapons and armor are combined. While using Fire Staves and Frost Gauntlets needs more Intelligence points, this character likes to stay out of melee range and has a lower reliance on Constitution.

Damage From Both Physical and Spiritual Sources
In order to be as effective in combat as other builds, it may take a few more levels for a player who chooses to combine their healing and physical damage as a Druid or Ranger to achieve the same Attribute scores.

If a weapon deals physical damage, it doesn't always need to have two or three Attribute points. In order to increase their dodge rating and overall resilience, players who like using melee weapons will use medium to heavy armor or whatever perks and buffs they can find.

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