I don't want to discount your preferences

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Posted November 11,2020 in Gaming.

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I don't want to discount your preferences

I anticipated Brewster for Animal Crossing Bells fall but I could see them bringing him to get the new year or perhaps Spring?Love the way they announce the farming agency that was datamined months ago

Damn what do you men want from this match? I am stoked for the season changes and activities.I believe a part of the problem here is that AC came out like a week after the quarantines started in the majority of the world, everybody blasted through a hundred hours on their Island because they had been at home and immediately rushed out of things to do.Ours in the previous games.

I'm one of these people. Got tired of the game around 150 hours. Just too much friction with the crafting system, an excessive amount of content cut to be trickled later in upgrades, and too much of this character of prior payments is gone. I enjoyed the series for the simulation elements more than the customization, and NH was clearly not made for gamers like me.

What do you consider to be trimmed content/missing beyond gyroids?

And 150 hours is a lot. - I don't mean to be an ass, it's just difficult to fathom someone placing significantly more time in previous entries for reasons beyond it had been just a fresher experience in the moment, or other conditions.

In addition, I don't want to discount your preferences, but I just can't personally see the things that made previous entries magnitudes better.

Then that criticism also applies to the other matches except possibly the original. Every time a new AC comes individuals look at the old game's villagers with rose tinted glasses. I also feel like people are missing/ignoring the new dialogue added every month ingame and the simple fact that villagers will usually say something special if you talk to them more than 2-3 times. It is not like older games did not have the difficulties of dialogue repeating villagers of the identical kind feeling cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells like the same person.


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