We'Re Here For A Mobile-Minded Version Of Eve

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Posted November 11,2020 in Movies & Animation.

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We'Re Here For A Mobile-Minded Version Of Eve

I got camped traveling lowsec a few EVE Echoes ISK times because the shift occurred. Happily I had been in front of my display and the camps were idle, so I just slammed warp stabs and was able to escape. Frigates may speedtank gate guns right now (there are articles on this sub about it), and a great deal of gate firearms in lowsec are broken up in the moment and do not shoot.That's only a matter of time until this thing will disperse.

I played a great deal of EO back in the day, I can count on my fingers the number of times I've been gatecamped. It's not the massive scourge you believe that it is. While the two people may be a non representative choice, I believe high amount of experience runners visiting LS for encounters and storylines in the moment will be a rewarding goal for cyclists. At least to get a while.Based on what? Everyone's impression of the way poor sec gate camping will work is based on EO. There is no sign low sec gate camping will become rampant in EE.

At the moment? Probably. I've seen times when Tama was constantly camped by several disco-domis with Cheap EVE Echoes ISK support fleet. It had been one of the nearest LS-gate to Jita and had heavy visitors to faction warfare. When there's no curiosity about LS and no traffic no wonder exits are not camped.Here in EE we have all encounters above T5 to predominate in LS and a lot of mission-runners running for them. If the camping is possible there'll be people eager to do that.

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