For a weapon which is just 500k and has low requirements

For a weapon which is just 500k and has low requirements

Posted June 6,2020 in Sport.

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For a weapon which is just 500k and has low requirements

My proposal is the following: add dragon bolts (unf) to the upper tier clue casket reward desk. Now dragon bolts are dropped by vorkath, rune and recognized dragons. Dragons that were adamant are RS gold not killed by any one, rune dragons have been packaged with bots and alt accounts. They fall them in hardly any amounts meaning the monster to kill for dragon bolts is vorkath. To get ironman this merely adds another monster to be made to kill (like zulrah for scales). For accounts that are ordinary this might mean that the gp/hours of vorkath may drop but if right the value of dragon bolts should not be changed too much. I discovered my hint rewards being underwhelming. For both ironman and normal accounts it would signify that signs will be worth doing again.

Since damaging XP lamps are some thing which can't be implemented, if at all, how about a way to lock certain attack fashions using a toggle XP in the wrong battle ability? Now clearly this wouldn't apply to some exploration benefits, but the way I am imagining itwould be a toggle at the settings tab or possibly a right-click option because you hover over the particular attack mode (s) that you need to lock/disable from gaining XP. Is this something that possible?

Might it be feasible for you guys to ask? It's a little upsetting seeing the neighborhood kindly vote yes to a great deal of the modifications for the Corrupted Gauntlet although there surely isn't being 50k men and women who've beaten it, especially because I enjoy the present dynamic of the fight and I know a good deal of these updates will drastically change the encounter. It seems as though I might be losing something I truly enjoy (to the point I have taken the time to learn it and master it on cellular so I can play whenever I have time) for the interest of people who may never do the content.

Is it possible for a item of PvM content, such as a tier of the Gauntlet called the Infinite Gauntlet to be introduced? Something with similar mechanics amped up to be harder than the Inferno which may introduce a untradeable ranged glove known as the Infinite Gauntlet ranged +3, +2 prayer bonus, also accuracy ranged strength.

When do you intend on doing something? For a weapon which is just 500k and has low requirements, yet can spec a 70+ with monster javelins in Baseball equipment it seems something shouldve been done quite a while ago. The heavy ballista is basically a godsword that can hit high 30's through salvation from a space. This has made it a popular weapon amongst clans, but maybe not pvp clans just rag clans(ballista clans) whose sole reason for pking is dependent upon this only weapon and 2-3 tbers with spears, because who needs a freezer when u can only mass smite in rags while not worrying about losing anything precious. If you encounter a different clan or group of pkers? In the event you get smited the ballista price 500k(under a gout tuber) so just go to buy OSRS gold the g.e buy another and return like nothing occurred.

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